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222 Commercial St NE PMB 2303
Salem, Oregon 97301

With the dawn of a new academic year on the horizon, university students in Salem, Oregon, are gearing up for another semester filled with learning and growth. As the campuses of Willamette University, Corban University, and Chemeketa Community College come alive with eager minds, the search for the ideal off-campus study spot becomes essential. Thankfully, Salem’s vibrant coffee shop scene offers a variety of study havens. Here’s a breakdown of Salem’s top coffee shops where students can comfortably hit the books and get their caffeine fix at the same time.

Archive Coffee & Bar

Nestled in downtown Salem, Archive Coffee & Bar offers a trendy yet tranquil space for focused studying. The assortment of seating options, ranging from communal tables to cozy nooks, caters to different study preferences. With their house-roasted coffee selection and delicious food offerings for every time of day, this spot ensures you stay energized while diving into your coursework. After 4 PM, Archive opens their full-service bar with an exciting menu of creative cocktails and mocktails for an evening out.

Broadway Coffeehouse

Broadway Coffeehouse stands as a welcoming space for students seeking a relaxed community atmosphere. Their open floor plan, variety of seating, and abundance of power outlets provides convenience alongside specialty coffee, teas, and baked goods. The friendly staff, top-notch beverages, and evening hours make it a popular choice among students.

IKE Box Café

IKE Box Café goes beyond being a coffee shop and places an emphasis on fostering a sense of community. IKE Box is one of two storefronts of the organization Isaac’s Room, a non-profit that “is dedicated to serving divested youth in [the] community.” Its spacious former-ballroom interior accommodates both solitary studying and collaborative projects.

Isaac’s Downtown

Adding to Salem’s vibrant coffee scene is Isaac’s Downtown, the second coffee shop storefront for Isaac’s Room. Located on a cozy corner downtown, Isaac’s offers a versatile environment for studying or unwinding. With its warm ambiance and diverse menu choices for food, coffee, and dessert, Isaac’s is a great spot where students can sip, study, and savor the best of both worlds.

Bentley’s Coffee (Downtown)

Nestled in the heart of Salem’s downtown area, Bentley’s Coffee is a go-to fixture among students seeking a bustling study spot (and delicious caffeinated beverages). In addition to their drive-through stands, the modern and bright interior of their storefront—complete with comfortable seating and ample natural light—creates an atmosphere conducive to both focused study sessions and casual meet-ups.

Urban Grange Coffee and Bakery

Urban Grange Coffee and Bakery in West Salem provides a calm and cozy space for students to immerse themselves in their studies during the day. Their delicious drinks and decadent in-house baked goods (like their peach turnovers to their mocha scones) are sure to provide the necessary study fuel for any assignment.

The Governor’s Cup Coffee Roasters

Another staple in Salem’s coffee scene is The Governor’s Cup Coffee Roasters (also known as “The Gov Cup”). Situated close to Willamette University, this coffee corner not only offers an extensive variety of in-house roasted coffee beans and delicious bagel sandwiches, but they also provide a unique study space. Whether you’re deep into research or engaged in a group project, The Governor’s Cup Coffee Roasters ensures that your study sessions are both productive and enjoyable.

Caffé Capri at the Reed

Recently opened in 2022, Caffé Capri at the Reed Opera House exudes an air of elegance and history. The unique and authentic taste of Italian coffees, seasonal drinks, and charming ambiance adds a touch of sophistication to this Salem shop, perfect for studying, reading, or writing.

Java Crew on Fairview

Unlike its other drive-through locations in Salem, this Java Crew spot offers more than just a quick grab-and-go. The dine-in seating here invites students to settle in comfortably, creating an environment where time can be spent poring over textbooks or collaborating on projects. They also frequently host and participate in fundraisers for the Salem community!

As the new academic year unfolds, university students have a plethora of local coffee shop study spaces in Salem. So, whether you like studying alone or with friends, Salem’s coffee shops are here to support you and make this school year a successful one.

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