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Elyssa at WhirLocal5 Ways to Practice Self-Care Each DayJun. 28th, 2022

5 Ways to Practice Self-Care Each Day

We all know self-care is important. We feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally when we're caring for ourselves. We have more energy to take on the day, and we're better able to handle stress. But sometimes, finding the time or motivation to practice self-care is hard. Life gets busy, and it's easy to put our…
Elyssa at WhirLocalPack Like a Pro: Tips for Efficient Travel PackingJun. 22nd, 2024

Pack Like a Pro: Tips for Efficient Travel Packing

Packing for a trip can sometimes feel like an impossible task, whether you're preparing for a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure. Efficient packing can save you space and weight while also reducing stress! Here are a few top tips to help you pack smartly and travel better. 1. Start with a Packing List Be…
WhirLocal Salem
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Bo & Vine Burger Bar Opens South Salem Location

The newest Bo & Vine location is beautiful and also includes a large event space. 

Thank you to Mike Adams & family, and local partners for continuing to invest in Salem‘s local economy. They truly embrace the motto, “We’re Local & Proud Of It!�…

Stutzman & Kropf Contractors Inc.
(541) 752-1961
4.3/5 based on 135 Reviews

Summer Tips: Enhance Home Insulation and Roof Longevity

Even in the summer, it's not too late to improve your home’s insulation. Whether you live in Sweet Home, Oregon, or anywhere in the Mid-Willamette Valley, proper insulation can make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Let’s explore how you can enhance your home’s insulation this summer. U…
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag When Preparing for Childbirth

Preparing for childbirth is an exciting (and sometimes nerve-racking) journey. In addition to the endless preparations at home, packing your hospital bag is a crucial step that can make your stay at the hospital or birthing center more comfortable and less stressful. It’s recommended to have your bag ready by the ti…
Konnen Design LLC
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Who's on your WANTED LIST?

Find out – you'll be surprised…
Elyssa at WhirLocalUpgrade Your Home Office: Tools, Gadgets, and Accessories for a More Productive DeskJun. 20th, 2024

Upgrade Your Home Office: Tools, Gadgets, and Accessories for a More Productive Desk

Whether you work, game, or study at your desk, having a well-equipped home office can make a big difference in your productivity and comfort. Here are just a few tools, gadgets, and accessories that can help you transform your home office or desk space into an area where you want to get stuff done. Ergonomic Impro…
PHP Agency, Jose Soto
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Life insurace it’s  not what used to be, it’s better than before now with living benefits. What are living benefits? Give me a call and find out.

Russ Hedge – Marketing Coach
(971) 209-8185
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I am your Inspiration Specialist. Here to offer my Inspirational Keynote Speaking. I am also a Merketing Coach and would love to connect and learn more about you!

Elyssa at WhirLocal3 Ways to Use Geo-Targeting to Drive Local Traffic to Your Small BusinessJun. 18th, 2024

3 Ways to Use Geo-Targeting to Drive Local Traffic to Your Small Business

Local traffic remains a critical component for the success of small businesses. By leveraging geo-targeting, companies can tailor their marketing efforts to specific geographic areas, enhancing visibility and attracting more local customers. This detailed guide explores three innovative ways to utilize geo-targeting t…
Konnen Design LLC
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Business identity is power.

Depend on it. Use it.
Elyssa at WhirLocalBoost Your Breakfast: Seven Healthy Ingredients to Add to Your SmoothiesJun. 15th, 2024

Boost Your Breakfast: Seven Healthy Ingredients to Add to Your Smoothies

Starting your day with a nutritious breakfast sets the tone for a productive and energetic day. One of the best ways to pack a nutritional punch into your morning routine is by incorporating a smoothie or smoothie bowl into your breakfast. Smoothies are quick, versatile, and a great way to sneak in some extra nutrient…
Cal’s Moving & Storage – Salem
(541) 250-6324
4.9/5 based on 385 Reviews
  • Get matching boxes. I completely understand how tempting it is to try to save all your Amazon boxes or procure some boxes from a local grocery store. But hear me out—it’s worth it to get boxes that are all exactly the same size. I highly suggest bankers boxes for books and heavy, small items.
  • Use clothin…
Elyssa at WhirLocalHandy Items to Keep in Your Car for Everyday ConvenienceJun. 13th, 2024

Handy Items to Keep in Your Car for Everyday Convenience

Most of us know the importance of keeping an emergency kit in our cars, stocked with items like jumper cables, a first aid kit, and a flashlight. But what about those less obvious items that can also come in handy? From sudden wardrobe malfunctions to impromptu stops, there are a few unexpected items that can prove us…
Elyssa at WhirLocal6 Things to Do When You Move Into a New HouseJun. 11th, 2024

6 Things to Do When You Move Into a New House

Congratulations on buying a new home! When it comes to this exciting chapter, there are a few critical steps to take to make sure your home is safe, secure, and ready for your family. Before you get to decorating, here are six essential tasks to check off your to-do list as soon as you move in. 1. Change the Locks…
Elyssa at WhirLocalPreventing and Managing Muscle Soreness After ExercisingJun. 8th, 2024

Preventing and Managing Muscle Soreness After Exercising

It's common to experience muscle soreness after a workout, especially if you're trying a new exercise or pushing yourself harder than usual. While most soreness is normal and a sign that your muscles are adapting and growing stronger, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes discouraging. Let's explore some strategies to…
Salem Balloons and Flowers, LLC
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2024 Mother's Day Gift Collection

Send your love to Mom has never been easier with our handcrafted Balloon Bouquets. All your favorites plus new designs are now available. Order now and secure your delivery date.
Becka Makes Buttons, LLC
(971) 304-7491
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Becka Makes Buttons Button Shoppe Finds New Home in Keizer, OR

The beloved Becka Makes Buttons Button Shoppe, known for its unique custom buttons and vibrant community atmosphere, is excited to announce its upcoming relocation to Keizer, OR. The button shop and its popular creation station will be housed within Radness Ensues, a newly established nonprofit art and music-focus…
Elyssa at WhirLocalHow to Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your Business on InstagramJun. 6th, 2024

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your Business on Instagram

Instagram has long stood as a cornerstone platform for building and strengthening brand identity. With over a billion active users, it offers a vast audience and unique tools that can transform how businesses engage with customers. A strong brand identity on Instagram not only increases visibility but also enhances cu…
Salem Balloons and Flowers, LLC
5/5 based on 2 Reviews

Edward Jones stepped into the spotlight with our Light-Up 2-story Light-Up Marquee Letters display. A captivating Custom Name nestled gracefully within a stunning balloon decoration ensemble in the majestic hues of gold, green, and white. Crafted to perfection, our Light-Up Marquee Letters boast a commanding presenc…
Elyssa at WhirLocalCloset Cleanout Guide: Steps for Refreshing Your WardrobeJun. 4th, 2024

Closet Cleanout Guide: Steps for Refreshing Your Wardrobe

Is your closet or dresser packed with clothes you no longer wear? It might be time for a closet cleanout. Cleaning out your closet is as much about decluttering as it is about rediscovering and refining your style. Not only can you free up valuable space by getting rid of items you don't want, but you can also give yo…
Kuhl Discs
(916) 747-5329
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Kuhl Discs

Your local disc golf shop. Providing everything you need for the sport of disc golf at a reasonable price. Come stop by and check out why we are so Kuhl!
Jars of Clay Property Management, LLC.
(503) 967-9038 Ext 1001
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Cute and spacious apartment in Silverton, call or text us today at 503-967-9038 to schedule your viewing today! 

2 bd, 1 ba, 700 Sq. Ft. | Available Now

Upstairs Unit Available! Move in Special $500 off First Full Month Rent
***MOVE IN SPECIAL–$500 off First Full months Rent****

View Apartment Listing

Elyssa at WhirLocalBasic Window Maintenance: Essential Tasks for Better WindowsJun. 1st, 2024

Basic Window Maintenance: Essential Tasks for Better Windows

Keeping your windows well-maintained is important for many reasons, including the appearance, integrity, and energy efficiency of your home. Regular maintenance can help your windows function properly, look their best, and prevent costly repairs in the future. Here are a few essential tasks you can follow when inspect…
Grime Be Gone Powerwashing LLC
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No job is too big!

This client had concerns of someone being able to safely and effectively clean her 30 foot high windows. With our top of the line equipment and expertise there is no job too big to handle.
Trevor Barre, Oregon Licensed Realtor
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Turn-key business opportunity! Now’s the time to expand your business or pickup a new one! New price drop to $1,150,000!

Well established car dealer in Salem OR, with fully optimized SEO and great reviews.

Featuring a roughly 4000SqFt indoor showroom floor, office space, and two shop bay doors. 

*Business on…

Yard Love MWV
(503) 461-2588
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Final Call For Custom Grad Signs

Place your order today for your Custom McNary Grad Sign. The last order will be placed on April 15th, 2024.
Huggins Insurance Services Inc
(503) 585-2211
4.4/5 based on 122 Reviews

Huggins Insurance is honored to be nominated for Best of the Willamette Valley. Please click on the link below and vote for us! 

Agriculture-Farm & Ranch Insurance

Services-Insurance Company

Keizer Community Foundation
(503) 910-3513
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New partnership supplies reusable water bottles for McNary students

Loren's Sanitation and Recycling Service and North Marion Recycle and Disposal have partnered with The Keizer Community Foundation in a pilot program for McNary Students. Insulated water bottles have been purchased for students to use with water fill stations at the school. This project will eliminate plastic waste an…
DoneRite Automotive Repair, LLC
(503) 743-6499
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Car Bros Auto LLC
(971) 433-7437
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DoneRite Automotive Repair, LLC
(503) 743-6499
5/5 based on 5 Reviews

We are running a brake special this month, call us today!!! 

Junk911 Inc.
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Farwest Gardens
4.5/5 based on 25 Reviews

Thinking of redoing your landscape?

One of the fascinating things I have watched happen, is when new owners acquire their house or office complex, they redo the landscape.

There is one place, I have landscaped 5 different times. Quite a few at least twice. Most, for different owners.

One of the reasons I didn’t do mu…

WhirLocal Albany
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We had the chance to sit down with Stephen Hodges today, from Boson Hub, and grab some caffeine at Margin Coffee downtown. 

It’s always great to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and discuss life, values, faith, business, and more – all while supporting our local businesses in Albany. 

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