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Albany, Oregon 97321

Discover the beauty and history of Albany, Oregon through local jewelers and jewelry stores. Whether you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring, a unique piece of custom jewelry, or a timeless vintage treasure, Albany’s jewelers offer expertise, variety, and personal service to make your jewelry shopping experience unforgettable.

Harry Ritchie’s

Harry Ritchie’s began in 1956 in downtown Eugene, Oregon, and has grown into a cherished Northwest chain with a location in Albany. This family-operated business prides itself on making fine jewelry accessible, ensuring each customer’s experience is joyful. With a wide range of diamond bridal sets, classic jewelry, watches, and fun accessories, Harry Ritchie’s is dedicated to celebrating every precious life moment with its customers.

Jordan’s Jewelers

Founded in Albany, Jordan’s Jewelers has been a trusted name in jewelry since its inception. Known for their personalized service and expert craftsmanship, they specialize in custom-designed pieces that capture the essence of individual style and sentiment. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a custom necklace, Jordan’s Jewelers ensures a memorable and intimate shopping experience for every client.

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers, a prominent fixture in the jewelry retail sector, offers an extensive range of options from everyday pieces to luxury diamond collections. Located conveniently in Albany, they provide a shopping experience that combines quality, value, and a wide selection to cater to various tastes and budgets. Their commitment to customer care ensures that each visitor finds the perfect piece to match their occasion or personal style.

Sid Stevens Jewelers

Sid Stevens Jewelers stands out in Albany for its commitment to personalized service and quality craftsmanship. Established with a passion for creating bespoke jewelry pieces, they offer a unique in-store experience where each customer’s vision is brought to life. Known for their detailed custom designs and a friendly atmosphere, Sid Stevens is the go-to destination for those seeking something truly special and personal in their jewelry choices.

Forever Linked

Forever Linked brings a unique twist to jewelry shopping in Albany with its innovative clasp-free jewelry designed for everyday wear. Located within Vintage Nails & More, this spot specializes in permanent jewelry that’s as practical as it is chic. Perfect for those looking to add a lasting touch to their style, Forever Linked also offers their services for private parties and events, making each piece an experience to remember.

Auric Enterprises

Auric Enterprises specializes in exquisite estate jewelry, offering a treasure trove of unique and vintage pieces in Albany. Each item in their collection tells a story, making Auric not just a store, but a journey through time. For enthusiasts of history and craftsmanship, Auric Enterprises provides an opportunity to own a piece of the past, expertly curated to meet the tastes of discerning collectors and jewelry lovers alike.

Albany, Oregon, is rich with diverse and dedicated jewelers ready to meet all your jewelry needs. From contemporary designs to historical gems, the jewelers in Albany provide not just merchandise, but memorable experiences tailored to every shopper’s needs. Visit any of these outstanding stores to discover why Albany is a true gem for jewelry enthusiasts.

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