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WhirLocal Salem

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222 Commercial St NE PMB 2303
Salem, Oregon 97301

While Portland might be well-known as a hub for vintage wares, Salem has cultivated a vintage scene of its own. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just looking for some new-to-you vintage flair, let’s explore a few of the must-visit vintage shops that prove Oregon’s capital city has its very own charm to offer.

Blast Off Vintage

Blast Off Vintage is a time capsule to the past, offering an extensive collection of vintage clothing and accessories. As you step inside, you’re greeted by racks filled with vintage dresses, denim jackets and jeans, band t-shirts, and more, each piece carefully curated to ensure authenticity and quality. Blast Off Vintage is an essential destination for anyone looking to add a touch of vintage style to their wardrobe.

Engelberg Antiks

For those who appreciate a vast arrangement of vintage and antique treasures, Engelberg Antiks is a store worth exploring. Located in Salem’s historic downtown area, this antique mall features an impressive collection of booths from various vendors, each offering a unique selection of antiques, vintage items, and collectibles. From vintage furniture that tells stories of past eras to antique trinkets and rare finds, Engelberg Antiks invites visitors to wander through a labyrinth of history and nostalgia.

Sunlit Vintage

Sunlit Vintage is a charming and intimate shop that offers a carefully curated selection of vintage treasures. This small but delightful boutique is a must-visit for vintage enthusiasts seeking unique finds and hidden gems. What sets Sunlit Vintage apart is their dedication to not only offering high-quality vintage items, but also creating unique projects that breathe new life into old pieces. They firmly believe in the significance of preserving and reviving vintage and antique furniture, decor, and textiles as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability. By giving new life to these cherished pieces and repurposing vintage textiles, they not only reduce waste but also honor the history encapsulated in these beautiful items.

Vintage Flow Northwest

Vintage Flow Northwest is a distinctive addition to Salem’s fashion landscape. This vintage streetwear boutique combines the nostalgia of vintage clothing with the unmatched vibes of streetwear, offering a curated selection of apparel that effortlessly blends the past with contemporary style. Whether you’re looking for classic pieces from iconic sports teams or retro gems that reflect your individuality, you can discover your own vintage flow at Vintage Flow Northwest.


Furbish is a multifaceted must-visit for those with an eye for creativity. This Salem store goes beyond the conventional vintage shop experience, offering a wide variety of vintage home decor, reclaimed materials, furniture paint and in-store woodshop, and a thriving plant section. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast seeking your next project, a vintage aficionado searching for one-of-a-kind home decor, or a plant-lover simply looking to add a touch of greenery to your living space, Furbish offers a remarkable fusion of options. Bring your pup—they’re dog-friendly!

Dark Wash Vintage Co.

Located within the historic Reed Opera House, Dark Wash Vintage Co. is a curated vintage clothing store that stands as a testament to timeless style. As you step into this boutique, you’ll be greeted by racks and shelves of vintage style, each piece reflecting the fashion sensibilities of different eras. From vintage Pendleton gear to 80s band tees and orange tab Levi’s, Dark Wash Vintage Co. transports their customers on a journey through time.

From clothing to furniture, trinkets, and more, these vintage shops and boutiques in Salem offer a treasure trove for every taste and interest. (And this is just a handful of the shops in town, so watch out for part two). Happy hunting!

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