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WhirLocal Salem

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222 Commercial St NE PMB 2303
Salem, Oregon 97301

When it comes to pet grooming services in Salem, Oregon, pet owners have a variety of highly-rated local options to choose from.

Best Friends Pet Salon

Best Friends Pet Salon is a local salon with over 20 years experience in pet grooming. Catering to a wide array of pets, including large and small dogs, cats, and even smaller animals like guinea pigs, this salon has earned its reputation through consistent quality service and positive client feedback. They provide a range of grooming services, including ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, gland care, wash, dry, and styling.


Claws-N-Paws LLC offers a range of professional pet grooming, boarding, and daycare services, ensuring that your furry family members are not only well-groomed but also happy and healthy while you’re gone. This local pet salon takes pride in their commitment to use only natural products for your dog or cat. Additionally, Claws-N-Paws offers a unique pet spa day experience at their salon, providing a range of grooming services like complete pedicures, nail buffing, nail decals, and nail polish (pet-safe, of course).

Oh My Dog Pet Salon

Oh My Dog Pet Salon is another top choice for full-service grooming services in Salem, Oregon. This local salon is praised for its dedicated team that ensures an excellent and comfortable grooming experience. The salon caters to the specific needs of each pet, including puppies and senior dogs—and each pet is treated with respect and dignity throughout the grooming session. Don’t be surprised when you pick up your pet and they’re dressed to the nines with a fun bandana or bow!

Puppy Love

Puppy Love offers high quality grooming services and is known for its affordability. With over three decades of experience, their services include specialized haircuts, essential nail trims and ear cleaning, gland cleaning, sanitary trims, and pad trims for comfort and hygiene. For a uniform look, they can even out coat lengths, and they offer puppy cuts ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. Their motto is, “A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog!”

Laura’s Laundramutt Grooming LLC

Laura’s Laundramutt Grooming in SE Salem provides full-service pet grooming services with the convenience of a self-service wash option. This self-service feature can be convenient as it does not require an appointment, allowing pet owners flexibility and ease of access (especially on those muddy days). Whether you visit for a full grooming session or just a quick self-service bath, Laura’s Laundramutt Grooming ensures a welcoming and accommodating experience for pets and their owners.

West Salem Dog Grooming

West Salem Dog Grooming, formerly Canine Concepts, stands out with its professional grooming staff. They offer breed profile grooming for purebreds and specialty grooming for mixed breeds. Their full-service grooming encompasses everything a dog needs for a complete grooming experience. This includes not only basic dog grooming but also advanced grooming and styling to suit any dog’s needs, whether it’s a standard trim or a more elaborate style. For those with show dogs, West Salem Dog Grooming provides specialized show dog maintenance, ensuring these pets are in top condition for competitions, both in appearance and health.

If you’re looking for a pet groomer in Salem, Oregon, each of these businesses brings a unique touch—ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your dog or cat’s grooming needs.

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