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222 Commercial St NE PMB 2303
Salem, Oregon 97301

Dr. Matt Hennings DPT, OCS
Dr. Matt Hennings DPT, OCS

There’s a physical therapy practice in Salem, Oregon that stands out not just for its innovative approach to wellness, but for the story of its founder, Matt Hennings, DPT, OCS. At Leading Edge Physical Therapy, Matt is redefining what it means to offer physical therapy by blending his unique journey into the field with a deep commitment to his clients’ health and well-being.

Matt’s path to physical therapy began not in a classroom or a clinic, but at a friend’s birthday party gone awry. At 13, an accident involving a golf cart and an unexpected tumble led Matt to his first encounter with physical therapy. “I had to go to therapy to regain motion and strength to be able to start playing sports again,” Matt recalls. This experience planted the seed of interest in a career where he could help others return to their passions and daily activities without the shadow of injury looming over them.

Fueling this newfound interest was a high school anatomy class that Matt describes as “the most fascinating thing ever.” His curiosity about the human body’s intricacies solidified his resolve to pursue a career in physical therapy, leading him to graduate with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Central Florida in 2010.

Being originally from Florida, Matt felt a pull towards a different life — one that eventually led him to Oregon in 2011. “I really just needed to get out of Florida. Between lifestyle and just feeling out of place with the East Coast mentality, I knew it was time for a change,” he explains.

Matt worked for a few different physical therapy practices in the Willamette Valley for the first couple years. He originally entertained the idea of starting his own practice back in 2018, but the idea was daunting at first. “I had all the confidence in the world in my clinical skills, but the business side was a whole different story,” Matt admits. However, after gaining valuable experience and building confidence as a clinic director for a few of years, Matt decided it was time to venture out on his own. Leading Edge Physical Therapy, conceived as a part-time endeavor in 2022, quickly evolved into a full-time passion.

Today, Leading Edge Physical Therapy is the fruition of Matt’s belief in the power of personalized care. By focusing on injury prevention and proactive wellness, Matt’s approach goes beyond traditional physical therapy. “You don’t have to wait until you are actually injured to take care of yourself.” Matt said, emphasizing the importance of being proactive in maintaining one’s health.

Leading Edge Physical Therapy is not just committed to preventative care, but it also has a deep connection to the Salem community. Matt’s involvement with local chambers and networking events has reinforced his appreciation for the supportive spirit among Salem’s business owners. “It’s amazing to experience how well everybody supports each other, even businesses that could be seen as competitors,” Matt explained.

Matt’s vision extends beyond the clinic walls. He dreams of one day expanding Leading Edge Physical Therapy to include an indoor golf training facility, combining his professional expertise with his personal passion for golf. This aspiration reflects Matt’s broader goal of fostering a community where wellness and leisure intersect, enhancing the quality of life for Salem’s residents.

Matt Hennings and Leading Edge Physical Therapy offer a proactive approach to physical well-being and a personalized path to wellness. Matt’s story is a reminder of how a personal experience can alter the direction of one’s life and the impact one individual can have on their community through dedication, passion, and a little bit of courage to venture into the unknown.

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