Near Salem, Oregon

8 Wineries Near Salem, Oregon

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Alexander Demchak

4 Places to Decimate Hunger Pangs Around Salem

There are many, many, many places to get some food during the pandemic. Many of us have resorted to toaster strudels and "the big red tub" of coffee for sustenance. Unfortunately, this doesn't do much for our local economies nor our bodies. Does anybody else play the game of "What's Causing My Headache: Dehydration, L…

Zenith Vineyard

(66 reviews)

(503) 932-3540
5657 Zena Rd NW
Salem, Oregon 97304

Cristom Vineyards

(54 reviews)

(503) 375-3068
6905 Spring Valley Rd NW
Salem, Oregon 97304

Honeywood Winery

(102 reviews)

(503) 362-4111
1350 Hines St SE
Salem, Oregon 97302