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Albany, Oregon 97321

Albany, Oregon is big on flavor, especially when it comes to pizza. Here, you can find everything from the hearty, smoked taste of wood-fired crusts to the simplicity of a take-and-bake meal. We’re exploring some top-notch places to enjoy a pizza in Albany—spots where old-school methods blend seamlessly with new ideas.

Abby’s Legendary Pizza

Founded in 1964 by high school friends Albert Broughton and James Harrell, Abby’s Legendary Pizza quickly became a cornerstone of pizza dining in Oregon. Known for their eclectic menu featuring unique pizzas such as the Chicken Taco Especial and the Poor Boy Special, Abby’s combines traditional flavors with innovative twists.

Southpaw’s Pizza & Sports Bar

Southpaw’s Pizza & Sports Bar offers a dynamic dining experience in North Albany, perfect for both family outings and sports enthusiasts. Situated conveniently off Highway 20 in the Hickory Station plaza, Southpaw’s is known for its full-service bar, over 30 TVs showcasing every game imaginable, and a variety of seating options including a comfortable patio. With its welcoming atmosphere and fun amenities, Southpaw’s stands out as a premier destination for enjoying great food and sports in a family-friendly environment.


PizzAmoré in Albany, Oregon, brings a slice of New York to the Pacific Northwest with its hand-spun, New York Style crust pizzas. Each pizza is lovingly crafted with homemade sauce and mozzarella cheese, embodying the classic flavors that pizza aficionados adore. Beyond their famous pizzas, PizzAmoré offers a diverse menu that includes fresh salads, hearty calzones, savory pastas, and delicious grinders, catering to a variety of tastes. Emphasizing its family-oriented values, PizzAmoré provides a welcoming atmosphere that makes every diner feel like part of the family. This commitment to quality and community makes PizzAmoré a beloved local staple.

Pizza Now

Pizza Now offers an exceptional combination of quality, service, and value, making it a standout choice in Albany, Oregon. Renowned for its delicious, one-of-a-kind pizzas, the restaurant prides itself on providing great food at affordable prices. Customers are treated to a welcoming atmosphere where the focus is always on delivering both excellent pizzas and customer service. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a meal to enjoy with family and friends, Pizza Now promises a satisfying experience that won’t break the bank.

Ciddici’s Pizza

Ciddici’s Pizza is known for its distinctive approach to crafting the perfect pie in Albany, Oregon. Their signature thin crust, proofed in cornmeal, provides a unique texture and flavor that sets it apart from traditional pizzas. Baked in stone ovens, each pizza achieves a perfect level of crispiness and a delectable golden-brown finish. This commitment to culinary excellence ensures that every slice from Ciddici’s delivers a mouth-watering experience, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

Papa Murphy’s redefines the pizza experience with their innovative Take ‘N’ Bake approach, perfect for those who love the aroma of freshly baked pizza right from their own oven. Established over 40 years ago and now the largest brand of its kind in the United States, Papa Murphy’s has perfected the art of preparing pizzas ready to bake at home. Each pizza is made to order with daily-made dough, freshly sliced veggies, and butcher-quality meats. Beyond pizza, they also offer a variety of hand-crafted salads, sides, and desserts. The Albany location continues this tradition, ensuring you can enjoy high-quality, fresh meals with the convenience of home baking.

Cam’s Woodfired Pizza

At Cam’s Woodfired Pizza in Albany, Oregon, the secret to their mouthwatering pies lies in the intense heat of an 850° wood-fired oven, which perfectly chars each pizza to smoky perfection. The dough, meticulously handcrafted and allowed to ferment long-term, develops deep, nuanced flavors that are a testament to the art of pizza making. This traditional approach not only enhances the taste but also creates a crust that is irresistibly crisp on the outside while remaining delightfully chewy on the inside. Cam’s commitment to quality and authentic woodfired cooking techniques makes it a must-visit for pizza lovers seeking an exceptional culinary experience.

Albany’s pizza joints each have their unique twist, catering to both serious food lovers and those just looking for a tasty meal. Whether it’s a quick lunch or a dinner with the family, our local pizza landscape promises to make any dining experience a bit more special. Check out our guide to find your perfect pizza match in Albany.

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