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Do you feel like your home is feeling a little dark and gloomy as the sunlight decreases each day? If so, there are some simple fixes you might want to try! Let’s go over six tricks to brighten your home.

Add More Lighting

It may seem too obvious, but adding more light sources can really help brighten up your home. If you’re lacking natural light from your windows, consider adding an overhead light or wall sconce to illuminate the area where it’s needed, or try installing brighter bulbs for lamps and other fixtures throughout your home. Lights that are higher up will better imitate natural lighting, as will most “Daylight” light bulbs.

Utilize the Power of Mirrors

Strategic mirror placements are a quick and easy home decor trick to help brighten up your home and make it feel more open. Mirrors can reflect and bounce natural sunlight around an area where it might not otherwise reach.

Rearrange or Update the Furniture

Try changing the layout of your furniture or using lighter colors for fabrics and accent pieces. Sometimes a piece of furniture may be blocking natural light coming in from a window. You may not realize how much a furniture update can refresh your space!

Take Time to Declutter

Having too many items around or on shelves can make a home feel cluttered and cramped. Leaving some empty space around your home can help make it feel lighter and airier.

Consider Your Window Treatments

Dark or opaque curtains can limit the amount of natural light coming through your windows. Consider switching them out with light or sheer curtains! Sheer curtains still provide some privacy while allowing more light into your home.

Bring in Houseplants

Adding houseplants to your space is a great way to add some life! Adding a few potted plants in the main living areas of your home will help create a more welcoming feeling. Be sure to choose plants based on what will thrive in your home environment, not just what looks the nicest.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, a new coat of light-colored paint can make a huge difference. You can do this yourself or with your family as a DIY project, or you can contact a local painting contractor with the experience to do the job professionally and quickly.

From adding more natural light sources to rearranging furniture to bringing in houseplants, these simple tips can help your home feel lighter and brighter in just an afternoon! If you want to refresh your space without spending too much time on home improvement projects, try some of these tricks today.

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