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Sara Klindtworth owner of Solid Roofing NW

With each project, Sara Klindtworth, owner of Solid Roofing NW, is crafting more than just roofs—she’s building dreams and strengthening the community in Salem, Oregon and the surrounding area, one shingle at a time.

Sara’s journey into the world of roofing wasn’t planned; it unfolded unexpectedly in March of 2008. Pregnant with her oldest daughter and seeking employment, Sara found herself drawn into the roofing industry through her father-in-law’s company. What began as a temporary gig soon evolved into a passion as Sara delved into the intricacies of the business, gradually assuming more significant responsibilities.

As Sara’s expertise and love for the industry grew, so did her desire to carve her own path. In 2018, she ventured out to start her bookkeeping company, Solid Numbers, combining her financial acumen with her construction background. Yet, Sara’s heart remained tethered to roofing and her dream of owning her own roofing business grew. At the end of 2022, she decided to go for it and went through all the testing requirements and got licensed. In January of 2023, she took a leap of faith, and established Solid Roofing NW. It was a bold move, especially as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field, but Sara is a woman of strong determination.

Sara’s business philosophy rests on four sturdy pillars: family, honesty, education, and community. Family isn’t just a word for Sara—it’s the driving force behind her entrepreneurial spirit. The flexibility to spend time with her loved ones while pursuing her passion fuels her dedication to the craft. She wants to show her children that gender doesn’t matter and that if they put in the hard work they can do whatever they want to do.

Honesty and integrity form the bedrock of all of Sara’s interactions. She offers her customers peace of mind knowing they are getting an honest deal, and are not being taken advantage of.

Solid Roofing NW Sara inspecting an attic
Sara inspecting an attic for proper ventilation and roof leaks

Education is another cornerstone of Sara’s approach. Recognizing the importance of informed decision-making, she empowers homeowners with knowledge about their roofs, ensuring transparency and trust every step of the way. For Sara, education isn’t confined to her clients; it extends to her team as well. Continuous training and professional development equip her crew with the skills needed to deliver exceptional results.

Roofing It Forward: A Vision Beyond Business

Yet, Sara’s ambitions transcend the realm of business. Inspired by her desire to give back, she is in the process of founding “Roofing It Forward,” a nonprofit that will be dedicated to assisting vulnerable members of the community. Through “Roofing It Forward,” Sara’s vision is to collaborate with other roofing companies and suppliers in the area with the aim to provide at least one roof per year for single parents, foster families, or individuals facing adversity. Her vision is simple yet profound: to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, one roof at a time. For those who may be interested in learning more about “Roofing It Forward,” contact Sara using the profile information included at the bottom of this article.

Sara’s journey is an example of the power of perseverance and passion. Her steadfast commitment to quality, integrity, and community uplifts not only her business but also the spirits of those around her. In an industry often characterized by competition, Sara stands out as a champion for collaboration and compassion; qualities that endear her to her team and the local community.

Solid Roofing NW celebrated its first anniversary in January 2024, and Sara remains focused on the road ahead. With plans to expand her team, enhance her community outreach efforts, and further establish “Roofing It Forward,” Sara’s vision for the future is strong. Her journey may have started unexpectedly, but in Sara Klindtworth’s world, the sky’s the limit, and with her steadfast determination and compassion, there’s no telling how high she’ll soar.

Contact Solid Roofing NW today for your residential or commercial roofing needs. They also specialize in proper attic ventilation. Their residential division covers the entire Willamette Valley and commercial division extends beyond the Valley into the entire state of Oregon and Washington. In addition to new construction and re-roofing, Solid Roofing NW also performs gutter repair and replacement, moss cleaning and maintenance, and free attic and roof inspections.

If you’ve got questions about your roof, they are ready to help.


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