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Albany, Oregon 97321

As Easter approaches, our city blooms not just with the vibrant colors of spring but also with the sweet aroma of freshly baked goods. This season, local bakeries are rolling out a delicious line of Easter treats that promise to be as delightful to the eye as they are to the palate. Here is our list of the top 4 local bakeries that will complete your Easter gathering:

Yuly’s Bakery

Yuly’s Bakery in Albany, Oregon, is renowned for its exceptional selection of baked goods, making it a prime choice for Easter treats. The staff’s dedication shines through their friendly service and commitment to satisfying every customer, even when language barriers arise. Their handcrafted cakes, especially the yellow cake with strawberry jelly filling, have garnered acclaim for unparalleled taste and quality. Favorites among locals include the mil hojas cake, freshly baked bread, and unique desserts, all offered at reasonable prices. This Easter, Yuly’s Bakery is set to continue its tradition of delighting customers with festive, delicious offerings, solidifying its status as a cherished part of the local community.

Bodhi Bakery Albany

Bodhi Artisan Bakery in Albany specializes in fresh-baked, long-fermented sourdough breads, French pastries, and dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Known for its commitment to quality, the bakery is a popular choice for Easter treats. Operating Tuesday through Saturday and present at various farmers’ markets, Bodhi Bakery is a go-to for those seeking high-quality, artisanal baked goods. This Easter, Bodhi Artisan Bakery’s selection of unique and flavorful treats is sure to enhance any celebration.

Natural Sprinkles Co.

Natural Sprinkles Co. in Albany brings a heartfelt story to the local bakery scene, born from a dream nurtured through family, faith, and a journey of culinary discovery. The founder’s path from the Navy life to the Escoffier Culinary Academy, and then to creating magic at Ellen Jay’s sweet shop, culminates in this bakery’s dedication to health, quality, and doing global good. Embracing the experiences gathered from around the world and a passion for blending the detailed art of dentistry with the sweet world of baking, Natural Sprinkles Co. was founded in May 2015. It stands out not just for its baked goods but for its commitment to using healthy ingredients and creating a positive impact. As Easter approaches, visiting Natural Sprinkles Co. offers a unique opportunity to enjoy treats that are not only delicious but crafted with a deep love for baking and a desire to make a difference in the world.

Beloved Cheesecakes

Beloved Cheesecakes, founded by Jen, a survivor of domestic violence, began as a humble gesture of baking a blackberry cheesecake, which unexpectedly launched her on a path from hardship to a thriving bakery in Albany. What started as a side hustle to support her family evolved into a community-supported venture, culminating in the opening of a cherished shop in 2019. Jen’s vision extends beyond baking; it’s about healing and support, employing those with barriers and serving as a sanctuary for domestic violence survivors. Today, Beloved Cheesecakes is more than a bakery—it’s a place of “cheesecake therapy,” blending delicious, inclusive treats with a mission of social work, making each slice a testament to resilience and community spirit.

It’s clear that Albany’s Easter offerings are as diverse and rich as the stories behind each establishment. From the dreams and dedication that gave rise to Yuly’s Bakery, the artisanal craftsmanship of Bodhi Bakery, the health-forward vision of Natural Sprinkles Co., to the inspiring journey of Beloved Cheesecakes, Albany stands out as a community that cherishes quality, creativity, and the power of good food to bring people together. This Easter, let’s celebrate not just the joy of the season but also the local businesses that add so much flavor and warmth to our lives. Happy Easter, and may your celebrations be filled with love, laughter, and, of course, the most delicious treats our city has to offer.

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