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WhirLocal Albany

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Albany, Oregon 97321

Welcome to Albany, Oregon, a place full of fun and creativity. Whether you like to draw, play music, or dance, Albany has lots of cool spots for everyone. This guide will show you the best places to learn and enjoy arts like never before. Get ready to find your new favorite spot!

Between & Etc

Between & Etc in Albany, Oregon, offers a deep dive into the art of tapestry weaving. Led by Kathe Todd-Hooker, this studio and supply store provides extensive workshops such as “Working Studio Journals” and “Share a Bench Spring” for hands-on learning. The studio also hosts free, open sessions every Wednesday for discussions on tapestry, making it a communal hub for textile enthusiasts.

Saundra with the Stained Glass

Saundra with the Stained Glass in Albany brings a personal touch to the craft with her custom stained glass pet portraits. Offering classes and creating memorable pieces that capture beloved pets, Saundra ensures each portrait is a unique reflection of your pet. Her workshops are a great way to engage with art while celebrating furry family members.

Calapooia Clay

Calapooia Clay provides a creative sanctuary for ceramic arts in Albany. It offers classes in wheel throwing and hand-building, catering to adults and youths over fifteen. With options for open studio access to those with prior experience or class completion, Calapooia Clay focuses on development and enjoyment in the craft rather than production.

Splatter Box

Splatter Box in Albany is all about unleashing creativity in a fun, energetic environment. This studio specializes in Splatter Box Parties where participants throw paint and make art in a vibrant, social setting. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to express themselves through art in a less conventional, more exhilarating way.

Beacock Music

Beacock Music in Albany is a music education hub where expertise and enthusiasm meet. With a staff of experienced teachers, the studio offers lessons for various musical instruments, catering to beginners and returning musicians alike. Flexible in-person and virtual lesson plans make it accessible for everyone, ensuring a supportive environment to learn and play music.

Albany Youth Orchestra

Albany Youth Orchestra (AYO) is dedicated to making outstanding music education accessible to all young people in the Mid-Valley area of Albany, Oregon. Founded in 2021, the AYO Music Center, situated beside Browsers Bookstore, serves as the program’s core, offering a variety of music classes. AYO’s commitment to community and education provides a nurturing environment for young musicians to thrive and develop their talents.

Haven’s Urban Movement

Haven’s Urban Movement in Albany invites newcomers to experience the dynamic world of dance with a free trial class. This vibrant dance studio specializes in urban dance styles, offering a wide range of classes that cater to various skill levels and ages. Their current students enjoy the flexibility to adjust class registrations via email, ensuring a tailored dance education experience.

Legacy Ballet

Legacy Ballet in Albany is a premier dance academy that offers comprehensive training across various styles including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap, and Tumbling. Catering to students from age 3 to adult, the academy welcomes everyone from aspiring professionals to those dancing purely for enjoyment. At Legacy Ballet, the focus is on enhancing dance technique while sharing a love and passion for dance through community performances and classes.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Albany’s awesome arts scene! Each studio offers great classes that help you make friends and learn new things. Whether you want to dance, play an instrument, or create art, there’s a perfect place for you here. Why not try out a class and see how much fun expressing yourself can be?

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