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We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Jesse Kindler, a sales consultant, office manager, and commercial specialist at Budget Blinds of the Mid-Willamette Valley. As a local business, they not only transform homes and offices with its array of window treatments, but they also weave community spirit and support into their daily business mindset. They stand out as a local enterprise where personal touch, innovation, and community support are as fundamental as their exceptional window coverings.

Being married to the owner’s daughter, Priscilla Glidewell, Jesse is deeply rooted in the family business. He describes his role as “doing what I can to help the family company,” a sentiment that reflects his commitment and personal investment in the business.

Budget Blinds of the Mid-Willamette Valley

Budget Blinds’ of the Mid-Willamette Valley portfolio is comprehensive. From shutters to exterior shades, window tinting to drapery, they cater to all window covering needs. “We can do window coverings for new homes; we do them for commercial builds,” Jesse explains. Their focus is not just on providing a product but on enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of a space.

For Jesse, the most rewarding aspect of his role is the connections he forms. “Dealing with the public and these individual relationships that you do start building with people, even if it’s for a brief moment in time, it’s pretty special,” he shares. This reflects the ethos of Budget Blinds – it’s not just about transactions; it’s about forming lasting bonds within the community.

Before joining Budget Blinds, Jesse’s career spanned heavy machinery and home remodeling – experiences that now enrich his understanding of interior design and client needs. His ability to see a vision for a space and bring it to life is a skill honed from these diverse roles.

Budget Blinds stays ahead of the curve, constantly innovating in a technology-driven world. Jesse highlights the shift towards smart, motorized window solutions and changes in safety regulations favoring cordless designs. He proudly states, “We’re always making something new and exciting.”

Choosing the Right Window Coverings: A Guide

We asked Jesse about key factors to consider when selecting window coverings, and he provided the following guidelines:

  1. Budget:
    • Jesse emphasizes the importance of having a clear budget in mind. It’s not just about setting a limit but understanding what can realistically be achieved within that range. He suggests, “Think about what you are willing to spend on this.” Whether it’s luxurious drapery or functional blinds, knowing your financial boundaries helps in making an informed decision without compromising quality.
  2. Functionality:
    • The purpose of the window coverings is crucial. Jesse advises considering whether the primary need is privacy, light control, or temperature regulation. He says, “What are you using these blinds for – is it a privacy thing, a light control thing?” This consideration ensures that the chosen window treatments not only look good but also serve their intended functional purpose effectively.
  3. Aesthetic Compatibility:
    • The style and color scheme of the room are key factors. Jesse suggests ensuring that “window coverings enhance the visual appearance of the room.” This means considering how different materials, colors, and designs will complement the existing décor, ensuring that the new window coverings seamlessly integrate into and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.
  4. Measurement Accuracy:
    • Precision in measurement is critical. Jesse warns, “If your measurements are off by as far as an eighth of an inch, it can change the functionality.” Accurate measurements ensure that the window coverings fit perfectly, function smoothly, and look aesthetically pleasing. This highlights the importance of professional measuring for optimal results.
  5. Ease of Cleaning and Durability:
    • Maintenance is a practical aspect often overlooked. Jesse points out, “Think about how easy these are to clean.” Selecting window coverings that are easy to maintain and durable, especially in homes with pets or children, can save time and effort in the long run. This consideration is crucial for ensuring that the window treatments remain in top condition over time.
  6. Room Purpose:
    • The specific use of the room dictates the ideal type of window covering. Jesse advises, “Consider what the room is used for.” For instance, a living room might benefit from light-filtering products that invite natural light, whereas a bedroom or media room might require blackout options for better sleep or viewing experiences. Understanding the room’s function helps in choosing coverings that not only match in style but also in utility.

Jesse also passionately talked about the significance of supporting local businesses. “Working with Budget Blinds and small business really helps families and keeps the money in the community,” he says. This ethos is central to their operation – it’s not just about selling a product, but about enriching the community.

Jesse’s personal interests, like his love for Acme Cafe’s chicken fried steak and his dream to travel extensively, add a human dimension to the business persona. His support for causes like Liberty House further demonstrates his and Budget Blinds’ commitment to community welfare.

Budget Blinds of the Mid-Willamette Valley, steered by Priscilla and Jesse, is more than a window covering provider. It’s a story of family, community, innovation, and personalized service. As Jesse puts it, “It’s about building community.” This business is not just covering windows; it’s uncovering the heart of the community, one window at a time.


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