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Every person has their own preferred method of cleaning. Some will dive in head-first and scrub, clean, and polish the whole house over a productive weekend. Others prefer to tackle designated sections over a period of time or on a schedule. Still, many people find cleaning to be an overwhelming chore. While there’s no right or wrong way to approach the task, here are a few tips to help you get the job done.

1. Deep Clean One Room at a Time

Try deep cleaning just one room at once. This can be broken down into manageable time sessions like 10 minutes, one hour, or over a morning or afternoon.

Start at the top and move down. Dust ceiling fans and corners. Clean light switches, doors, handles, and other frequently touched items. Dust all surfaces and then follow with a vigorous polish to get that shine. End at the baseboards and floors.

2. Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Enlist the help of family members or roommates and make cleaning more fun. Create cleaning games or race each other when tackling chores. If you need some rhythm to get you going, turn up the tunes and then go to work! Another fun idea is to plan a shopping trip after purging clothes, toys, and other items. The possibilities are endless!

3. Clear Out Clutter and Organize Belongings

Clear out clutter by placing unused, out-of-style, or broken items in separate bins. Give still-good items to community charity organizations or sell them. After your clutter is gone, organize your remaining possessions and invest in storage containers, shelves, or bins.

4. Plan Your Cleaning in Steps Rather Than a One-Day Marathon

Plan to clean in steps rather than exhausting yourself with a long marathon cleaning event, unless you prefer to get everything done in one attempt. Block out cleaning time on your family calendar, and divide up tough jobs whenever possible.

a housekeeper holding a bucket of cleaning supplies

5. Tackle Seasonal Jobs and Consider Hiring Local Cleaning Specialists

Do those pesky spring seasonal jobs now. Spring is terrific for washing windows, cleaning the yard, or organizing the garage. Also consider hiring local cleaning professionals to clean carpets, pressure-wash siding, or haul away trash.

Spring cleaning can be fun and rewarding. Plan cleaning sessions beforehand using your preferred spruce-up method. Get rid of clutter permanently, and focus on organization to keep your home spaces neat and welcoming.

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