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Plastic is a very common material found in our everyday lives. From grocery bags to plastic containers, this material can be upcycled and reused in many different ways. If you have any old plastic containers that you want to reuse instead of toss out or recycle, read on for a few clever ways to upcycle them!

1. Plastic Bottle to Self-Watering Bulb

Why buy a new self-watering bulb when you can reuse old plastic bottles? You can upcycle any size plastic bottle to make self-watering bulbs for your garden or potted plants. Simply empty and clean the bottle, use a pushpin to make five or six small holes in the lid, and voila! Fill up the bottle, put on the lid, and place your new self-watering bulb lid-down in the dirt by the plant(s) you want to be hydrated.

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2. Coffee Tub to Sturdy Planter

Old plastic coffee tubs make perfect containers for your houseplants. You can upcycle your old, plastic coffee tub by making a small draining hole in the bottom, painting or decorating the outside to your liking, and filling it with soil for your plant! This is a great way to save money on a DIY planter instead of buying an expensive one at the plant shop.

3. Two-Liter Soda Bottle to Outdoor Sprinkler

Want a fun way to upcycle your empty soda bottles? Create a DIY outdoor sprinkler!

First, remove the label and clean the bottle. The outside will need to be dry. Next, poke a few holes in the bottle with a small screwdriver or other sharp object. You’ll want enough holes for the water to come through evenly, but not so many that the water pressure becomes too low. Next, duct tape your hose to the opening of the bottle and place it out in the yard or by your garden. When you turn on the hose, you’ll have a makeshift sprinkler! This upcycled contraption will provide a ton of fun for kids or effortlessly water your garden plants.

4. Gallon Jug to Practical Scoop

One great way to upcycle a gallon milk or juice jug is to make it into a multi-purpose scoop. Simply cut closely around the top of the handle to detach it from the jug, and then cut widely around the bottom of the handle to create a scoop shape. You can use your new scoop for anything from potting soil to dog food!

It’s easy to upcycle plastic containers when you’ve got a use for them, and the possibilities are nearly endless! What’s your favorite DIY plastic container project?

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