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The perfect spring picnic begins with a few fabulous ideas and a little planning. The following tips will help you put together an unforgettable springtime feast that your family and neighborhood friends will love.

1. Pick a Location

Location is one of the most important elements for creating a perfect spring picnic. Select an area in your community that captures the essence of spring at a local park or relaxing beach area with blooming trees and foliage. Picnic spots that are easily accessible are best for ensuring that all of your guests can attend. If you choose remote areas such as flower-filled meadows far from the road or mountainous locations that require a bit of a hike, be sure to give your guests plenty of time to plan accordingly.

2. Create a Menu

It’s fun to create a menu that reflects the special locale and mood of your picnic. Delicious foods with beachy, classic, or vintage themes are easy to make and transport with fresh items that include tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, cheeses, desserts, dips, and bread. Try a savory rhubarb pie or decadent chocolate meringue to add a sweet touch to any type of spread you prepare. Also, remember to bring plenty of refreshments that suit the theme of your picnic, such as wine, lemonade, or iced tea.

a picnic basket on a blanket with food

3. Add Ambiance

Aside from choosing a fitting location and serving tasty foods, springtime ambiance plays a big role in creating the perfect picnic. Pack blankets with soft spring colors such as pink, lavender, light shades of blue, and bright greens for a classic look, or use creamy colors like beige, light browns, and purples for a relaxing vintage-style picnic. You can also use matching plates and napkins, and bring along a fragrant bouquet filled with colorful wildflowers to enhance the beauty of your picnic décor.

Whether you choose a location that’s at the park, beach, or mountains, you and your guests will have the best time eating, drinking, and being merry as you create fun springtime memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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