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Are you frustrated or overwhelmed with local marketing for your small business?

Meet Jen, a small business owner:

Are you tired of fighting “Billion Dollar Marketing Bullies”?

You know the type. Publicly held or venture-capital funded. They’ve never run a small business or had to meet payroll. They treat you like a number. Rude. No phone support. Unflexible. And, they just don’t care. Yep, we can think of a few.

Take a load off. We can handle them for you.

We understand what it’s like. We’re a small business too and walk daily in your shoes.

We come alongside you as a Local Marketing Guide, and provide a proven marketing framework and action plan to grow your business. We can take care of all your digital marketing, so you can focus on what you do best.

Located in Salem, Oregon, we specialize in marketing for hardscape and outdoor living contractors, as well as home and garden services, health care, and legal industries. With our proven online marketing strategies and platforms, we help local businesses be clear market leaders.

Featured Reviews:

Great Resource

Third River never ceases to amaze me. That such a small, local web design and digital marketing firm can do so much (as much or more than many of the big box national companies) is astounding. I can't believe how lucky we are to have them in our community Keep Reading. I trust them completely with my website, SEO, and digital marketing.

Andrew I. Sep 11th, 2019 Company Responded

Simply The Best

I've known Tim & Pam for several years having attended many a seminar put on by them. When I started working with them, I had a list of questions that Tim patiently walked through with me. He answered all of them and gave me some ideas to think about. Keep ReadingTheir entire staff is dedicated to customer service, prompt, efficient, caring. Debbie is amazing. All of my concerns she puts at ease. Third River Thinks out of the box and are impeccable. Highly Recommend!

Chris S. Sep 9th, 2019 Company Responded

News & Updates

Are you prepared to make changes to grow your business?

As the leaves change outside and the weather gets cooler, there is a renewed sense of motivation. New seasons in life and in business can be exciting – but are you prepared to take your business to the next level? If you’d like to discuss a marketing plan to take your business to Keep Reading

No Fancy Equipment Required

When it comes to generating content for your business, sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin. Victoria Taylor’s guide about content marketing for a start up budget is great – but with so many potential ideas, where do you begin? We zeroed in on a content strategy you can Keep Reading

All Feedback is Good Feedback

Having a great reputation online and in real life often means you’ll need to have excellent customer service. In this great post for HubSpot, Swetha Amaresan outlines eight major keys for great customer service. We’ll be focusing on one: learning from every interaction. Learn from every Keep Reading

Staff Members

Digital Marketing

Tim Fahndrich

President & CEO

Tim grew up as an MK (missionary kid) and is the youngest of 5 brothers. For over 10 years, he was a partner in a family landscape contracting business.…


Pam Fahndrich


Pam is originally from Virginia and moved to Oregon in August of 1991 to take a voluntary service position at Western Mennonite School as an assistant g…


Alexander Demchak

Lead Software Engineer

Alex has been with the Third River Marketing team since May, 2011. He graduated from Sprague High School in 2008 and promptly went to Chemeketa Communit…

Digital MarketingLeadership

Alyssa Donnelly

Digital Marketing Specialist

Alyssa obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Corban University. She grew up in southern California, but when she moved to Oregon to …

Digital Marketing

Elyssa Fahndrich

Special Projects Coordinator

Elyssa graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Corban University. As a Salem native, some of Elyssa's favorite evening activi…

Digital Marketing

John Fahndrich

Special Projects Assistant

John recently graduated from high school as a valedictorian and a member of the National Honor Society. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in D…


Kris Fahndrich

Director of Sales

Digital MarketingLeadership

Debbie Mosher

Digital Marketing Manager

Debbie has a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Oregon State University, and during one s…