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We are an industry leader in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and drainage solutions. At Western Construction Systems, we’re not selling a product, we’re selling solutions. We value customer satisfaction and meeting the needs of our clients by offering superior service, quality products, and competitive pricing.

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Excellent Work And Customer Service

I've had the opportunity to meet Justin, David, and Tyler for two different projects. They are all very professional and easy to understand when explaining work that needs to be done or has been completed. The work is excellent and once they begin a proj Keep Readingect, my experience is that they are fast and good at what they do. What I like best is how easy they are to reach and communicate with, as we all know water issues in the basement can be stressful and require action quickly. I would recommend Western Construction to anyone looking for a company that is going to do a great job with foundation repair/basement waterproofing and hold your hand the whole way.

Alex D. Sep 17th, 2019

Fabulous Work And Service!

We were very nervous about having our foundation worked on, but Western Construction Systems did a phenomenal job! The crew was clean, tidy and very respectful. They actually left our downstairs family room area, which they had to use to get access to un Keep Readingder the house, cleaner than it was prior to them arriving. They sealed everything off with plastic sheeting ... including the garage, as it started to rain, so they had to set up their prep and work area there, as it was out of the rain. They made sure the exterior doors were closed after they would enter and exit the house and garage, as we did not want any unwelcomed "guests" to wander in, as had happened when another company had done floor tiling work for us years ago when those floor workers had actually propped our exterior doors open. Pictures were taken both before and after in order to show us what they had done. We know that our project was very small when compared with what Western Construction Systems normally does, but we felt they gave as the same "white glove" treatment as if it had been a million dollar job. We also want to say what a joy it has been to work with the office staff and the person who came out and checked out our issue and gave us the estimate. To say the least, is to say that we are satisfied customers.

John and Linda C. Aug 4th, 2019


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