Salem Area Chamber of Commerce 5/5 based on 4 Reviews

The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce is here to serve the needs of the business community in the Mid-Willamette Valley. With over 1,200 businesses that employ approximately 35,000 throughout the region, we take the work seriously and approach it with passion.

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Great Whirlocal Presentation

Thanks for partnering with Third River to provide the webinar on whirlocal. I will be setting it up for our firm shortly. Thanks also to all the terrific staff at the Salem Chamber that work hard on behalf of Salem businesses and the community at large! Keep Reading I am blessed to live and work in Salem.

Skip N. Oct 12th, 2012

Stand And Deliver

The Salem Chamber understands it's mission and they stay focused on it. It is by far the best friend the Salem business community has. Nobody pays a business for trying hard, they pay a business for delivering on commitments. The Chamber delivers like Keep Readingthe businesses it represents.

John M. Sep 24th, 2012