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Carpet Care

Abbey Carpet care does an excellent job. Our carpet looks like new!!
~ Terri A.

5 Star Review by Howard A.

My wife got a salad, it was very good. I got the pulled pork sandwich with garlic mashed potatoes. The potatoes were excellent, the sandwich was small and a little dry.
~ Howard A.

5 Star Review by Boys G.

Green Acres Landscape is a great community partner. We are grateful for their support of our Boys & Girls Club throughout the community, including great landscaping and beyond!
~ Boys G.
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
3.4/5 based on 172 Reviews

Identifying Common Signs of Emotional Abuse

This topic may be sensitive for some readers. For 24/7 confidential support, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or text “START” to 88788. If you are in immediate…


Jim did an excellent job and the carpets are very clean!
~ Karyna C.

5 Star Review by Shannon M.

This is a gem of a weekend visit! The facilities are super clean and very posh, we will definitely be planning a return visit here soon!
~ Shannon M.

5 Star Review by Joni L.

I absolutely would recommend this restaurant! Great steak! Great atmosphere. Always leave satisfied, never disapointed.
~ Joni L.

5 Star Review by Richard K.

We visited Cherry City Interiors a few months ago and enjoyed working with Brad Guzman. Brad was very helpful and flexible in the selection process. We ended up choosing carpeting that had a challengi…
~ Richard K.

Carpet Looks Like New Again!

Jim was personable and professional. He explained the process and we discussed some problem areas in my carpet. My carpet looks like new again after the cleaning and the problem spots were dealt wit…
~ Mieke V.

5 Star Review by Michele M.

Governor's marketplace conference was amazing! The space was clean and the catering was amazing! Coffee, breakfast and buffet were perfect!
~ Michele M.

5 Star Review by Sonya R.

This place was SOOOO good that my husband & I ate there the days in a row... We are the same things all the days too. Prim Rib & the watermelon ribs! Everything was superb! This is our new fav place w…
~ Sonya R.

5 Star Review by Noreen B.

We are very pleased with the work done by Corey & Eli who work for Bonn Roof Care. They were on time, listened to our concerns, worked fast and efficiently and we were happy with the end results. We…
~ Noreen B.

5 Star Review by Lauren B.

Great place to eat. Wish I had found this year's ago. Love the burgers and nachos. Service was dynamite.
~ Lauren B.
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
3.4/5 based on 172 Reviews

Understanding Baby Sleep Regressions (and How to Navigate Them)

For parents who have recently welcomed a new baby into the family, watching your baby finally settling into a somewhat predictable sleep pattern feels like a victory. But suddenly, your little one is…

5 Star Review by Eric R.

Crew arrived on time. Understood the project and worked very efficiently. Price was exactly as quoted. Very satisfied with the result. Highly recommended...
~ Eric R.

Making a Difference in Our Schools!

Keizer Community Foundation has been providing support to McNary High school for longer than I have been around. They support our students all year round by supplying our students with basic needs, sn…
~ Claudia R.

5 Star Review by Mary W.

Welcoming, clean, cheerful atmosphere! Great service and food! Best pulled pork sandwich I have enjoyed since visit to N.C.!! Will definitely recommend...and will definitely return again !!
~ Mary W.

4 Star Review by Alysia W.

We have had three different meals so far all good. The only thing I would ask them to do is clean the middle dividers, they are very dirty with finger prints ect..
~ Alysia W.

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??Important Notice Your page Sid's Home Furnishings is scheduled for permanent deletion due to a post that violates our trademark rights. We have made this decision after careful consideration and in …
~ Carla R.

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??Important Notice Your page Sid's Home Furnishings is scheduled for permanent deletion due to a post that violates our trademark rights. We have made this decision after careful consideration and i…
~ Jocelyn G.

5 Star Review by Bonnie M.

I went there for the delicious sweet potato and found myself in love with the grilled breast of chicken sandwich with the fantastic chili BBQ sauce, mmmmmm! The waiter was great! Glad I made the choic…
~ Bonnie M.

5 Star Review by Linda W.

Prompt response to our request for a residential backyard Cedar fence. Assessment, measurements, descriptions and explanations provided. Bid accepted and construction began. Excellent communication…
~ Linda W.

Professional, Friendly and Top Quality Results

We had our carpet stretched and cleaned and they did an exceptional job. They also provided a level of customer service that you just don't see anymore. I very much appreciated the professionalism and…
~ Sheila F.
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
3.4/5 based on 172 Reviews

Understanding Celiac Disease vs Gluten Sensitivity

Navigating the complexities of dietary restrictions can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding conditions like celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Both involve reactions to glut…

Abbey Carpet Care

Abby Carpet Care did an excellent job of cleaning the carpets at our rental. There were some significant spots -- all gone. It was easy to make an appointment. The service was efficient, with good …
~ Sandra W.

5 Star Review by Taylor B.

I am a property manager who needed quick turnover. They were very efficient in scheduling and completing the work, even accommodating a 40 minute drive to my property. The carpets truly looked brand n…
~ Taylor B.

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~ Herelal V.

4 Star Review by Randi G.

The whiskey salmon was absolutely delicious as well as the rice pilaf. However, the service was less than desirable. Waiting an easy 10 minutes to remove our already stacked plates, never one refill o…
~ Randi G.
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
3.4/5 based on 172 Reviews

Fever in Children: What to Do and When to Worry

Fevers can be a worrying sign for any parent. They often signal that your child’s body is fighting off some form of infection. However, not every fever is a cause for alarm. Understanding when to w…

5 Star Review by Glenda G.

Always good food. We sat on the patio for dinner. It's my birthday ?
~ Glenda G.
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
3.4/5 based on 172 Reviews

How to Recognize Stroke Symptoms: The B.E.F.A.S.T. Method

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, a time to bring crucial awareness to a condition that affects nearly 800,000 people in the United States each year. When it comes to stroke, every…

5 Star Review by Victoria H.

I was there for the Reid Sounders Association it was in April 23 for Dessert for Funding for his Organization
~ Victoria H.

5 Star Review by Christie G.

Great food. Blackberry lemonade is to due for. Great service.
~ Christie G.

5 Star Review by John M.

Whiskey river salmon salad was so delicious! So fresh!
~ John M.

Best Lawn Care Service We Have Encountered. on Time, Friendly Crew, Lawn Looks t…

best lawn care service we have encountered. on time, friendly crew, lawn looks the best it ever has. they turn off sprinklers, drain in winter and turn the system back on in spring. fertilize twice a …
~ Bob P.

5 Star Review by Kathy B.

Wonderful work and great customer service!
~ Kathy B.

5 Star Review by Christine C.

Excellent work. Professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend them for both carpets and Upholstery .
~ Christine C.
WFMC Health
(503) 585-6388
3.4/5 based on 172 Reviews

What is Preeclampsia?

Pregnancy is a journey filled with many changes, not only for your growing family but for your body. One rare complication to be aware of is preeclampsia. Understanding what it is, its common symptom…

5 Star Review by Kendra S.

They are so easy to schedule with and communication was great.
~ Kendra S.

5 Star Review by Anita C.

Bonn roofing came to clean and remove moss from my roof today, the two young men were so very nice, polite and hard working. The professionalism was a breath of fresh air. They were very conscious of …
~ Anita C.