Papendieck’s Tree Service

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5 Star Review By Laurie Winslow

We had an old silver maple drop a tree trunk sized limb on our house on a Sunday we called over a dozen arborist numbers trying to get help, because it fell on the roof near where my mum sleeps, and was keeping our neighbors from being able to use their side door or gate. We were especially concerned because it was still hung up and there are families with small children on both sides. It was great to have someone actually call us back, and work with us on getting the emergency taken care of, and recommend companies with a crane for the additional work we had to have done. Very kind and professional.

Laurie Winslow Aug 5th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Stephen Foster

Papendiek was my very first full time climbing job...1993 I think. I now have my own tree service in Roseburg. I still call Steve P. for advice to this day. You couldn't ask for a better man or a better service in Salem to do your tree work. Honesty, integrity, a Christian man who has your best interest.

Stephen Foster Nov 3rd, 2020 Google