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We are a family run business with a mission to bring success to your garden through experience, knowledge, and value. At Legacy Garden Supply we want your garden to have bountiful harvest after harvest which is achieved by creating the best growing environment for your crops. Using the right products in the correct manner and time will give you the experience that builds the skills and confidence necessary to produce maximum success.

Legacy Garden Supply knows you want the best results for your garden without going broke to achieve this, that’s why we’re always bringing you the best products for the best possible value to help you and your garden attain peak performance.

Whether you’re a first time grower, hobby gardener or commercial operation, Legacy Garden Supply is here to help you and your garden thrive, no matter what level your skills may be!

It may feel like an overwhelming endeavor to try your hand at gardening for the first time when you don’t know where to begin! We can help guide you into the correct equipment, nutrients, and growing technique to suit your budget. Legacy Garden supply is here to help you from seed to harvest! Come join the Legacy Garden Supply family and lets get our grow on together!!!

Featured Reviews:

5 Star Review By Deon M.

Hands down the best place in town for your growing needs.
The staff here are very kind and helpful.

Deon M. May 15th, 2024 Google

5 Star Review By Joe N.

They are some fun-gi’s. Their fungus cultivation supplies don’t leave mush room for improvement.

Joe N. Jan 18th, 2024 Google

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