Coastal Farm & Ranch

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5 Star Review By Heidi Sicha

I had been calling vets for 2 days trying to get my puppy in for his shots and to be chipped and nobody could get her in for 2 weeks to 6 six weeks. I was able to walk in and greeted by a friendly staff. I didn't have to wait at all. The prices were lower than I expected. Even after getting chipped and having her shots my puppy still liked them. Great team there. If I wasn't moving in 2 days I would have loved to take her there for the remainder of her shots.

Heidi Sicha Jan 7th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Monei Babei

Great value for your money. One stop shop you get everything here from pet food to tools just everything, they have clothes and just about everything!!! the only thing it doesn't it doesn't have is groceries so I definitely recommend everybody go here. And ill say whoever came up the idea of this store was an absolute genius!!!

Monei Babei Feb 9th, 2021 Google