Nope that’s just a lot of rain! It has been an unusually wet spring this year and with the more than normal water dripping down in the valley, it brings some odd pest behaviors.

First, we are starting to see a lot of carpenter ants starting to come out now. It’s a late start for these guys which usually means they will be coming out with fury to try and expand their nests. That wood inside your walls is an excellent place for them to expand too.

Second, we haven’t seen many bees, wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets either. This also will make the bees come out in a panic, which could mean that they will be more aggressive to start and continue through the summer with their aggressive behavior.

Third but not least, with the excessive amount of water around this is beneficial to the Rats and Mice. They don’t have to go far for a water supply so they will stick around and multiply. Their litter will get so big that they have to leave the nest and guess where they like to go? Yup, you guessed it, your house! It’s a nice place to gather extra food and nesting material for them to build new nests (or bigger nests).

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