These ants are moving out of a heated situation, next to my fire pit at home I saw some little black ants moving frantically. Literally there name is little black ant, not your sugar ant but more of a type of ant you don’t see next to a home. These guys like to hang out in “the wild” areas of your home. Don’t take it the wrong way though cause they will invade your house too just not there priority. This is what’s happening in the short video above…

The rain has just stopped a week prior, it’s drying up everywhere, and I built a fire to enjoy. These issues caused the ants to go into a panic. First it’s dry and the ground is cracking and crumbling due to the lack of water, then mixed in with hot temperatures from the fire next door has made these guys move there nest to a different location not 10 feet away. In the video you can see ants cleaning out there old home to uncover eggs and queens and other workers who may have gotten trapped, they are fascinating to watch work especially when they are in a time crunch. 

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