Trader Joe’s

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5 Star Review By Lynda McCarthy

Such a great place to shop! I love their seasonal products... unique and so good but stock up because they will gone in a hot minute! The clerks and management are helpful and efficient. Very cautious and health minded too in this crazy time.

Lynda McCarthy Nov 14th, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By Mariah

November 2020 - Trader Joe's was nice and clean, long line out front but they had some tents to keep those closest the front out of the rain. I kind of like the less people in the store, easier to shop as it's not as crowded. They have a sign saying they are enforcing masks over the nose and mouth, but are letting customers walk around in the store with their masks pulled down and/or with their nose sticking out. I get it, employees don't want to get yelled at- but irritating none the less. Liked it, buy if you have kids or have trouble standing in a line out in the rain for 15 minutes until you can get in I'd pass on this store for now and do curb side pickup or delivery from any other store as they do not offer that.

Mariah Nov 22nd, 2020 Google