Dale’s Remodeling 4.8/5 based on 47 Reviews

Dale’s Remodeling provides expert design and a Certified Remodeling team for residential remodeling projects. The Salem, Oregon full-service remodeling company ensures on-time performance, quality control and a job that meets the client’s budget. By maintaining clean and safe job sites, homeowners are assured that their lifestyle will be impacted as little as possible during the project. Dale’s Remodeling provides services for all remodeling needs, from the design phase to whole house renovations, and interior and light commercial projects.

Our Benchmarks:

  • 100% customer satisfaction ratings based on customer feedback
  • Referrals and repeat clients
  • A remodeling experience that exceeds client’s expectations
  • Pride in our employees and a commitment to their professional and personal development
  • Long term employees and relationships with subcontractors and suppliers
  • A business model committed to continuous improvement and growth

Featured WhirLocal Reviews:

Love My Remodel

I was very pleased with the work Dale's did at me home. We had our kitchen remodeled, our view opened up and our step down frontroom raised to remove the step down. It turned out beautiful! The carpenter we worked with Andy was awesome. Everyone was caref Keep Readingul and respectful to our home and the work was completed when expected. I will definitely use Dale's again, I have 2 bathrooms in the future to remodel. Rachel, one of their designers worked with me and she was incredible. She helped me pick out everything I needed, even meeting me at Home Depot when I needed her. Excellent service! Thank you!!

Cathy V. Mar 30th, 2020

Terrible Bathroom Job

I hired Dale?s to replace my current tub shower unit with a new one, and tile the floor. It took 4 weeks to complete the job, two of those weeks someone showed up 1 day. The first tub was damaged and they installed it anyway telling me it could be patched Keep Reading and would look like new. The dry walling job is horrible, crooked corners way to much mud to try and cover the bad job of butting against the old drywall. The floor does look nice whoever they had come in and do that did a nice job. The only reason I hired someone was to get the job done quickly as it was my only shower in the house. Total waste of money with Dale?s I should have done it myself. Not something that I want to show anyone, but if someone wants to see as a reference of their work I?d be glad to.

Michael W. Nov 5th, 2017


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