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Founded in 2004, the Keizer Community Foundation provides cultural and educational opportunities, charitable services and personal development programs to Keizer citizens.

The Keizer Community Foundation is a A 501c3. The Keizer Foundation works proudly, serving the Keizer Community.

We believe in making our community better, every day

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People Helping People In Keizer

Keizer Community Foundation has worked for years to identify and then fill Keizer’s needs. The food bank has provided for the needs of local people for many years. More recently, the community discovered that students at Keizer’s middle and high schoo Keep Readingls needed some assistance with regard to school supplies, nutritional snacks and even clean clothing. Keizer Community Foundation got to work setting up a network to help. First they made people aware of the need, then they solicited donations and a way to collect them, and finally they set up safe spaces in the schools where students can ‘shop’ for their needs at no cost. That’s putting Keizer’s peoples’ needs first! Way to go Keizer Community Foundation!

Julie Y. Jul 31st, 2020

Community Partnership

Not only does the Keizer Foundation supply basic needs to the local schools they also support other non-profits in Keizer to serve other needs. During these uncertain times, they continue to adapt and create new ways to continue to serve their community.

Stephanie B. Jul 31st, 2020

News & Updates

KCF Receives $1400 Donation

If you would like to get involved in helping the Keizer community contact us today!

KCF Supports Local Keizer Schools With Donation to School Supply Fund

School buildings are closed and our Klosets aren’t open right now, but we know the need continues in our community.  The Keizer Community Foundation chose to give $300 for school supplies to each …

KCF's The Klosets featured in Northwest 50 Plus

Read all about The Klosets impact on the local Keizer schools through clothes and other donations. Read "Kloset Kindess" in Northwest 50 Plus If you would like to learn more or donate to …

Second Story Pole Has Begun!

And the work begins… James Lukinich, chainsaw artist, has begun to carve the second and final story pole located in front of the Keizer Community Center. The theme of this pole is “honoring Oreg…

Board Members

Board Members
Board Members

Audrey Butler


Hello, my name is Audrey. I am a wife, a mom of two grown children, a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics and a community volunteer! As a Past President…
Board Members

Rob Miller

Vice President

I was born and raised in Keizer and was part of a family business that was founded in 1958. In 2015, I founded KARM Safety Solutions (a Keizer business) to…
Board Members

Kelly Walther

Kelly Walther is a native Oregonian and both she and her son graduated from Sprague high school in Salem. Kelly is also a proud, third-generation Oregon St…
Board Members

Mary Bauer Opra

Mary is the treasurer of the Keizer Community Foundation & has served in various volunteer roles including, President of the Keizer Chamber of Commerce, Bo…
Board Members

Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson joined the Keizer Community Foundation board in 2019.  She is a native Oregonian, having grown up in the Portland area before moving to Keize…
Board Members

Fernando Lopez

Hi all, I am Fernando Lopez. I am among all things, a proud husband and father of 2 beautiful children. Born in California and spending most of my youth th…
Board Members

Lore Christopher

Lore Christopher has been a Keizer resident for 30+ years.  She was Keizer's Mayor from 2000-2014 (14 years).  Prior to that she was a board memb…