Jet is the Worst

I’m forced to use Jet at Hope Valley. Once again my sports recording froze at a critical point. Probably every 1 in 5. Thanks again I missed a game. The technology here is literally 10 years behind. I’m sick of it. Time to check Hulu your HVAC company has sucked for years why would I expect telecommunications to be any better.

Written by Floyd P. on February 15th, 2019

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Inappropriate Hvac Service Manager

Andy Gragert needs to be replaced or moved. He is inappropriate, rude, demeaning and a liar. He should not be managing people or in control of anyone because he has a terrible bully complex and makes…
~ Kira A.

Living in the Dark Ages

Jet Communications is still stuck on paper bills. They don't offer e-bills and they have on online payment portal. That is a major hassle. Jet is the only service that I use that still sends paper bi…
~ James H.

3 Star Review by Itspandafire P.

Very mediocre
~ Itspandafire P.

5 Star Review by Greg B.

Outstanding service done at our home"Robb" did a professional job highly recommed
~ Greg B.

5 Star Review by Never K.

Five Stars and more for the folks that helped out evacuees from fire zones!!!
~ Never K.

5 Star Review by Buddha R.

I have used Jet Industries a couple of times and they have always been great. I would highly recommend them.
~ Buddha R.

5 Star Review by Tom B.

Needed a new toilet in one of our bathrooms. Called Wed afternoon and talked with Mike. He advised me on good models to buy and said it would be cheaper for me to buy it. By Thurs afternoon, had our n…
~ Tom B.

1 Star Review by Jaci B.

I witnessed several employees in a company truck drinking in a city owned parking lot and harassing maintenance staff of the building who's property they were on. Your employees reflect on your busin…
~ Jaci B.

5 Star Review by Zeneo I.

Nice Electricians. Very professional.
~ Zeneo I.

5 Star Review by Curtis G.

It was a magical experience
~ Curtis G.