Pam Fahndrich

Co-founder & COO

Pam is originally from Virginia and moved to Oregon in August of 1991 to take a voluntary service position at Western Christian School as an assistant leader in the girls dorm. She now claims to be a true Oregonian since she has lived in Salem longer than she lived in Virginia. Pam provides oversight of company business operations and is website project leader. She currently serves as a volunteer Ambassador with the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. She is a champion for the Chamber and delights in reaching out and meeting new people wherever she goes. Pam served in two other volunteer positions for the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce as the Chamber Business Women Vice-Chair and Chair (2011-2013) and Greeters Vice-Chair and Chair (2016-2018). In her spare time, Pam enjoys reading or playing the piano. She also volunteers as one of the worship leaders at her church.