Bud Lindstrand

Business Consultant

- BA and MBA University of Northwestern, St. Paul

- Attended Western Seminary

- Alumnus Harvard Business School

- Took Moday Health from 23 employees and $4 million in revenue to $3 billion over length career as CEO

- Developed a Corporate Strategy Planning course licensed exclusively to MercyToday for our Covenant Partners

- Currently teaches online business course in two distince universities


Baptized at age eight and redeemed at 16, I am a lifelong learner, lover of Jesus, and believer that business is as much a mission field as ministry. My highest privilege is to help small to medium size businesses find a way to do planning in a meaningful manner to maximize business activities and to create success that accomplishes the purposes of God. MercyToday is the perfect platform to foster creative collaboration possibilities on the mission field and in business, all while building a strong community for Christ.