Wicked Sweet Bakery

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Best Donuts I've Ever Had!

These are the best donuts I have ever had! I tend to be low carb, but these were worth it. They have these specials that are like donut sandwhiches with pies in between and IT IS THE MOST GENIUS THING EVER! Imagine fluffy and delicious donuts with a banan Keep Readinga cream pie in between. That's what I had today. Check out what the week's special is on Tuesday night and order it and you won't regret it at all! And then there was this chai flavored donut that was just like the feeling you get when you eat those cinnamon and sugar chips after having a meal at a Mexican restaurant. It was that good. You know when everyone else is like "I'm too full" and you get three of those chips and you're happy--That's what it is like to eat that donut.

Christopher A. Jul 13th, 2022