It is not uncommon for children to either be born with or develop vision problems as they age. Undiagnosed vision problems in children can be detrimental to their well-being. They may struggle with school and other tasks that require proper eye health. Eyeglasses act as a corrective measure that helps improve visual accuracy. Read on for signs that may indicate your child is experiencing vision problems.


Squinting is a noticeable sign that your child may need a vision checkup. They may squint in an attempt to focus on an object, read or see clearly. Squinting modifies the shape of the eye to influence vision. A smaller visual scope focuses the image and makes it less blurred. Consult an eye doctor if you notice a squinting habit in your kids.

Holding Devices Too Close to Their Face

Some children tend to hold devices close to their faces or sit too close to them. You may also notice this when your child is trying to read a book or is holding another object. Your child compensating for their nearsightedness could be an indicator of myopia. Eyeglasses with the right prescription can help correct this condition.

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Headaches and Pain Around the Eye

If your child is complaining of headaches and eye pain, they may be experiencing vision problems. The headache may be a result of straining their eyes in an attempt to see properly. You’re most likely to hear them complain of these pains after a long day reading or sitting in front of a screen like a TV or phone or tablet.

Head Tilting and Closing One Eye

You may notice your child covering one of their eyes when trying to read or focus on an object. They may also tilt their head to get better angles at objects they are looking at. This could be an indicator of lazy eyes and misalignment of the eyes.

Eye Rubbing and Tears

If your child’s eyes produce a lot of tears during the day, hindering their vision, this could be a sign of underlying eye conditions. You’ll also want to watch out for excessive rubbing of the eyes.

Watching for signs like these can help with early diagnosis of vision problems in your children. A proper prescription for eyeglasses could go a long way in helping your child see clearly.

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