West Salem High School

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4 Star Review By Ashton Smith

The school is more of an art piece really. Very nice building and facilities in a very affluent area. Top performing science program, all with excellent teachers. Big language program with many classes offered. Most teachers are very respectable and try hard to help the student. There are however, a small handful of teachers that really just need to no longer be employed by any school anywhere, ever. Some teachers almost seem to take pleasure in having no sympathy at all for any student regardless of what sort of health or family issues they have. Most teachers are wonderful but there are some who really will be upsetting as a parent or student.

Ashton Smith Jul 4th, 2018 Google

5 Star Review By Logan 3093

Having gone to this school I have found it to be enjoyable and informative. The teachers try to make classes fun through to the end, doing this makes it a lot easier to learn the materials and retain that knowledge

Logan 3093 Apr 2nd, 2018 Google