Walery’s Premium Pizza

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5 Star Review By Jen Rickey

Delicious Pizza. Always friendly service. Great cheap burger and fries. I know seems weird at a pizza place but they’re really good. And a plus is you get to use the salad bar for unlimited toppings. Great deal!! Only downside is they aren’t doing burgers during Covid restrictions.

Jen Rickey Dec 17th, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By X-Isle The Wanderer

Its a cool pizza place with lots of cool decorations (old vinyls and lots of things that fellow music nerds would geek out on); pizza was really good - the only "complaint" I have is the price. Two pizzas and two 2-liters plus tip ended up costing over $60. I enjoyed the pizza quite a bit, but probably not enough to come back very often.

X-Isle The Wanderer Dec 31st, 2020 Google