It’s just a picture of a box.

But it has our name on it.

Last week, we received our first order of branded summit boxes.

✅ Branded boxes” was not a glamorous or major step that we’ve been dreaming about for years, but it does remind us just how far we’ve come.

Because of the years of support and the faithful referrals from our community, we have been able to grow our little independent restoration company and make a name for ourselves.

From Brian and Angie working out of an old gas station with a curtained-off office (ex-mens restroom), to buying a shop and putting a sign out front with our name on it for the first time, to a multi-service company with 3 locations across the state (none of them abandoned gas stations).

We are excited about one more way to continue demonstrating professionalism and care when helping people through disaster. Even with pretty boxes, our goal is still to have the Summit name be known by how we care for people during some of their most difficult moments and that our team feels pride in being associated with that name.

So, yes, it’s just a box.

But it has our name on it.