Straight from New York Pizza

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5 Star Review By Gaelan Hardman

We're northeast transplants and have tried most of the pizza in Salem in the few months we've lived here. Straight From New York is by far the closest to NY/NJ pizza. We ordered slices. Yes they needed to be reheated, and it did them no harm. The crust was crispy, yet pliable. The ingredients were hot, yet not inferno hot, thus no blistered mouth. The toppings (meat lovers and veggie) we're fresh, very tasty, and plentiful.

Gaelan Hardman Dec 24th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Kevin Dial

This pizza is so worth the wait or delivered. We had a pepperoni and all meat pizza. The smoked ham was amazing. Slices fold in half nicely and disappear quickly.

Kevin Dial Nov 26th, 2020 Google