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Salen Chamber is Leadership

As a member and a Board Member I've had the opportunity to view the Chamber from many angles. It is hard to imagine a Chamber that would be more focused on advancing the interests of business. Extensive programs for networking and business development; Forums, Connect 4, Greeters, etc, excellent leadership development; Leadership Salem and Leadership Youth and strong business advocacy through candidate and issue in depth investigation and public policy forums. The Chambers consulting capabilities available to our members are high quality. The talented set of staff members can provide a valuable "outsider" look at plans and strategies and really help sharpen your focus on your customers needs. The web site is a great way to gain further understanding of the offerings and I encourage all members to investigate the ways they can maximize the value of their membership by taking advantage of the tools offered. The leadership of the Chamber has been of the highest caliber under Mike's tenure and continues with Jason. Truly two remarkable leaders that we are fortunate to have the benefit of.

Written by Byron H. on September 24th, 2012

Reviewing: Business Advocacy