Roth’s Fresh Markets

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4 Star Review By Sonya Wood

I don't generally shop here as it is more expensive than other stores in town. However it is only a few blocks from work which makes it very convenient to just pop in to grab something very quick. This morning l was craving some of the buttermilk bars, (which if you ask me are the best donut on the face of the planet). There were none in the case, (which is why you get 4) so l peaked my head around & asked the ladies if they had any on the rack they were loading. Laura was in process of cutting the dough. I was a little bummed, but she asked if l had a few minutes. I had to be at work in 10 minutes. Laura stopped cutting the dough & immediately dropped some in the fryer. She then grabbed a box and put the 6 l requested in & said because they were so hot a bag wouldn't do. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS FINEST!! Thanks again Laura you have made my day! You should were a cape as you are my hero!!!!

Sonya Wood Feb 23rd, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By Frances Heineck

Have most things we were looking for. Have driving cats for the disabled. Prices are reasonable. They also have stead who wilk run your groceries to your car and unpack them into your trunk.

Frances Heineck Aug 25th, 2020 Google