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Family Counseling

My wife, children and I came to Fay DeMeyer in need of direction for issues within our family regarding two of our children. Her response, counsel, direction and followup were not only amazing and accurate, but instant. We are still paying off counseling bills from other professionals who met with our kids over months...and in just one 90 minute session with Fay and we had not only a plan, but a clear understanding of our emotions, our choices and options, and everyone in the room knew what the expectations to healing and resolution were. I know not every situation or conflict can be cleared up quickly, but in our case, her system of helping us identify and manage our problem, agree corporately on a solution, and empower everyone to be a part of that solution was inspiring!
My wife and I HIGHLY recommend Fay DeMeyer's services.

Written by Corwin K. on May 24th, 2012

Reviewing: Personal Consulting