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Until recently I haven't been involved then Margaret Leach emailed me with an option to get the total VA disability allowed which I did not know about, its not that I don't want to participate my energy levels are so low I don't ever feel like doing anything. So I did fill out the forms and sent them back and I just did this so it will take time I know before I hear anything The PVA sends me all the stuff in the mail along with invitations to events that I never go to I think the PVA is a wonderful organization and helps many Veterans who do have the energy to have fun. I always think next time I'll join in or go to one and just never do totally my fault. I'm a Paraplegic that just went through stage 3 lung cancer 45 radiation treatments and 12 chemo therapy sessions and its just about killed me at 64 I'm just tiered after all this in the past 3 years so keep up the great work you guys its much appreciated and thank you so very much

Written by Pat R. on October 30th, 2018

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