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Guidance and Professional Knowledge.

My wife and I have had the good fortune to be a client of Ned Baker Property Management for nearly 20 yrs. We currently have four rentals which they manage. We have been very satisfied with the management of the property. During those years we have had renters come and go but the longest I recall we have had a vacancy is two weeks, that is after the cleanup, painting etc that is needed to be completed. We have found that due to the careful placement of renters we have had no purposeful damage done to our property. There is normal living wear but no damage. I believe this is because of the careful background checks and the qualified staff, that Donna and Levi Wilson employ. Originally we were notified with each fix up order which came in from renters and we would choose to fix what we were able to, however for the past few years we have had Ned Baker contact vendors and fix up the problems. We have found this to be far more efficient better and quicker for the renters, the work is always done well and the renters are pleased with the quick response. I attribute this to the good staff but particularly to the management of Donna Wilson. I have worked with Donna for about 10 years and found her always accessible, knowledgeable and caring. In a recent property walk through I had decided that I had to replace carpets, sinks and some faucets. Donna went through the same property and showed how things could be cleaned and repaired to a more than adequate level. In the end I realized by doing the repairs and not replacing we saved approximately $2,700. This is the type of guidance and professional knowledge we have seen over our years of being a client of Ned Baker Properties. We would not own rentals without their continued help, and guidance. We give Donna and her staff the highest recommendation and thanks.

Written by Anonymous on September 24th, 2018

Reviewing: Property Management