Mutual Materials

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5 Star Review By Mike Bolle

I'm not sure which Mutual Materials I'm reviewing since Google isn't displaying the addresses or even the locations. Luckily the reviews are always the same excellent customer service great products and the prices are somewhat decent for most items. Enjoy shopping at Mutual. And I like it even more when the project is done and looking fantastic.

Mike Bolle Dec 29th, 2019 Google

5 Star Review By Jason Van Ess

Always helpful and knowledgeable about products and great at communicating about orders and deliveries. They even were nice enough to refund me the difference in some retaining wall blocks I had purchased when I mentioned that I had seen them for less in an ad for a different store a few days after I had purchased them. That type of customer service is one of the reasons that Mutual Materials is the place I go to first when I am looking for hardscape products.

Jason Van Ess Aug 17th, 2019 Google