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5 Star Review By Oldhalloween

Mountain View really impressed me. The estimate appointment made me realize how much better the customer service was with Mountain View than the tree company we used last year. The yard was left cleaner than how they found it. The questions asked before the job had even started were a nice change. The crew was polite, professional, and so hard working. We will use Mountain View for our future tree trimming needs. Tip: Get a quote a few months before you need the project performed. The good companies are ofter booked a few months out.

oldhalloween Dec 2nd, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Lora Kearns

The neighbor behind me hired this company to remove a huge tree along our shared property line. There have been two other companies out to work on other trees for a different neighbor. This work was all in the last few months, along the same property line, and the same type of trees. Mountain View was by far the best. They were professional, efficient, polite, and hardworking. They took extreme care not to damage property and they cleaned up quickly. We watched another company completely fail at removing a similar tree, used no safety measures, and damaged property that still hasn't been repaired. The second company was much better. They damaged our fence and had it fixed the next day. They were good, no complaints. Then this company came in today and handled the job with ease. It was nice to see a professional company do this work well and safely. I would definitely hire them. Especially after getting to watch and compare them with 2 other companies, for the exact same type of work, right behind my house. They did a great job!

Lora Kearns Sep 15th, 2020 Google