Leslie Middle School

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4 Star Review By Eva Ingalsbe

It is a great school, but the subs need to work on being more nice and not strict or mean but it is a great school! If you have good grades you get on leadership level and get to go to a AWESOME party it is fun. TEACHERS PLEASE HIRE BETTER SUBS!!

Eva Ingalsbe Dec 11th, 2014 Google

4 Star Review By A9DM

it’s alright... not a lot of bullying mostly good teachers (except for about 4-5ish terrible ones) that’s outweighed by the really good teachers(Mrs. Chapman, Mr. Auerbach, Mr. Hunter, Mrs. Whitener, etc) The counselors are pretty good. It’s not exactly good but it isn’t necessarily bad either. Solid 3.7

A9DM Sep 4th, 2018 Google