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From annual exams and prescription lens corrections to intricate surgical procedures, we provide the best in vision care for all of our patients. Our physicians and staff will guide you through a variety of options that will enhance, improve and maintain your eyesight. Whether you require a eye examination,  eyeglassescontact lensesLASIK or management of an eye disease, Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons have the medical knowledge and experience to provide you with the highest quality care for all of your vision needs.


Vision Care

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Annual Vision Appointment

I couldn't be more pleased with Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons. All concerned are efficient, professional and caring. My only complaint is that Dr. Rowell is retiring! Nevertheless, I will continue to receive the quality care with whomever I'll be seei Keep Readingng in the coming year.

Judith S. Mar 27th, 2020

An Urgent Appointment

I had been noticing minor blurriness in my left eye on and off for a few days in February. I didn't think much about it until the evening of Feb. 12th, when I noticed more significant blurriness while I was reading. The next morning I called the eye clin Keep Readingic at 8 a.m. and explained my problem. The person who answered the phone transferred me to Michelle, who asked a few questions. When she learned that it had been going on for a few days, she asked, "so this has been going on for some time, and you're just now calling about it?" I tried to explain that I was calling because it had worsened. She said that "In the future" I should call in a more timely manner. What she said was fair, but the tone of her voice was harsh. She was obviously exasperated and asked me to hold to see what the staff could do to fit me in. I felt chastised. She came back and said that I should come immediately and should expect to wait for whatever length of time it would take. I chalked the attitude up to someone possibly having a bad day. When I arrived at the clinic, everyone else was friendly and professional, including Dr. Neahring. I did have to wait a bit, but I expected that. Ultimately, I received exactly the care I needed and a diagnosis that required future visits. That initial conversation with Michelle didn't have to happen the way it did, and I hope it was an anomaly. I do trust the people at the clinic and appreciate their care.

Anonymous Mar 25th, 2020