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Vision Care

Eye Exams, Glasses, Contacts, LASIK and More

From annual exams and prescription lens corrections to intricate surgical procedures, we provide the best in vision care for all of our patients. Our physicians and staff will guide you through a variety of options that will enhance, improve and maintain your eyesight. Whether you require a eye examination,  eyeglassescontact lensesLASIK or management of an eye disease, Eye Care Physicians & Surgeons have the medical knowledge and experience to provide you with the highest quality care for all of your vision needs.


Vision Care

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Quick And Friendly

Never wait long in the waiting room. Everyone at the office is friendly and professional. Been seeing the same doctor yearly for 8 years.

Crystal S. Nov 17th, 2019

Service For Eye Care

Everyone was very helpful. I asked to have my original lens put back into my frames. I still have issues w them but honesty feel glasses cannot be made to correct my vision to “crisp and clear.” I don’t like being a pest and will just make them d Keep Readingo. Since cataract surgery, I continually feel like there is a floating film on my eyes. Staff at the clinic are very helpful and understanding. Declining eye sight often comes with age.

Donna G. Nov 12th, 2019