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As an oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Chad M. Bingham specializes in the functional and cosmetic evaluation and treatment of your eyes. This includes upper and lower eyelids, eyebrows, and mid-face areas surrounding the eyes.

With a primary goal of restoring function while improving appearance, oculoplastic surgery can correct many of the eye’s problems that occur during the aging process. These difficulties include obstruction of vision, eyelid malposition, inadequate protection of the eyes, and early eye fatigue.

Eye Care’s Oculoplastic Center is located next to our main clinic on Liberty Street in South Salem. Please call 503-585-2020 for more information or to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bingham.


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Perfect service and follow-up that I needed. Fast in getting an appointment with an amazing team! The doctor is a 10+

Larry K. Feb 25th, 2021

Eye Care.

I started having pressure on my right eye. I got an appointment with Dr. Nearing. He found that I had an eye infection and gave me medication. It did get better but was still not good. I then got right in and saw Dr. Messanger. He found that there wa Keep Readings a bigger problem and gave me medication but sent me for a cat scan and blood test. Dr. Messanger was great. He called me twice to see how I was doing, He also sent me to Dr. Bengum for a different type of care. I could not have aked for better care.

Ruby P. Feb 22nd, 2021