Courthouse Club Fitness – Keizer

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5 Star Review By AZ 808

Amazing gym! We joined from our shut down gym in Silverton and love it so far. We appreciate the fact that they have stayed open and allow a clean and sanitary option for those of us that actually need a mental health release that a gym provides. This gym is one of the most cleanliest that I've been to. And they actually leave an appropriate amount of sanitary solution and towels out! Unfortunately some of us can't afford a new $8,000 in home gym. And we don't live in California so exercising outside every day isn't always feasible. Every patron I've seen, is very diligent about wearing a mask & cleaning all equipment, along with the staff themselves. For those who say "mental health matters" and then slam gyms for opening/staying open, you are nothing but hypocrites. Until I see ACTUAL DATA (which Kate Brown has none of) that can prove gyms and restaurants tribute to the spread of COVID I will attend and continue to put my health first, since I've had to apparently put everyone else's first for a majority of 2020. Keep up the good fight Courthouse! Some of us appreciate you for standing up to Dictator Brown.

AZ 808 Jan 5th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Tyler Gardner

My family has been long time courthouse membership holders. We are pleased that the courthouse has decided to stay open through current events. The courthouse has remained a cornerstone to the health and happiness of the Keizer community during the corona pandemic. Thank you Courthouse and staff.

Tyler Gardner Dec 8th, 2020 Google