Blue Elephant Car Wash

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5 Star Review By Elaine Saba

There was a line of about 5 vehicles waiting when I pulled up however I was pleasantly surprised to see there were enough employees to teamwork on each side of the vehicles as they pulled up to the entrance of the car wash. I didn't time my experience but I felt like I was in and out within 15 minutes or less. The employee that took my money was efficient but he didn't come across as friendly nor thank me for my business. But he could be like a lot of young adults that I encounter at businesses that feel grumpy because they have to wear a face mask at work. I WILL be frequenting this business because my car was very well cleaned to my satisfaction!

Elaine Saba Feb 18th, 2021 Google

4 Star Review By Bud Littleton

A top notch facility that cleans the car very well. It would be superb if the backside of our SUV was wiped down after exiting to prevent water spots and get rid of residual dirt. The plastic covering on the rear wiper also needs to be removed.

Bud Littleton Aug 3rd, 2020 Google